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Set up system pages

Here, you will set up your system pages. This is important because if someone has an issue getting to a page, it will go to the correct 404 or 505 pages that match the theme. 

  • In the navigation bar, click on the Setting icon settings icon
  • On the left sidebar, scroll down Tools. Then click on the Website dropdown. Click on pages. How to get to Pages in HubSpot
  • Then, click on the System Pages tab. How to get to System Pages in HubSpot
  • Under each page drop down option, choose the one with Impressa Theme - in the beginning. Choose the one that corresponds with the kind of page you are choosing. For example, for the 404 error page, you should choose the Impressa Theme - 404 error page. How to change error page in HubSpot
  • Do this for all three pages (404 error page, 505 error page, Search results page)

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